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 Rules/Format of the RMT

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PostSubject: Rules/Format of the RMT   Wed Jul 22, 2009 4:18 pm

This is the format you should use when posting a RMT thread:

Pokemon @ Item
- move 1
- move 2
- move 3
- move 4

It's also helpful if you comment on the Pokemon. What does the Pokemon do? Why did you pick it? How will you deal with it's counters/weaknesses? After all, you should have a good reason for choosing that specific Pokemon.

Try to list a full team of Pokemon rather than choosing a few and asking others to pick the rest. Don't expect team raters to build a team for you.

A note to team raters: Don't just say things like "___ sucks, replace him" or "you have a ___ weakness". The team has an Infernape weakness? Fine but don't just say that...offer solutions to the problem. And if that means swapping out a certain Pokemon then be sure to address any new weaknesses that doing so might add.

Some things to keep in mind in team rating:

-Can this team deal with common OU threats? (examples: Bulky Gyarados, Mixed Infernape, Choice Band Heracross, etc.)

-Does the team have Pokemon weak against Stealth Rock? Are any Pokemon immune to Spikes? If these hazards are cause for concern then does the team include a Rapid Spinner to counter the problem?

-Does the team have any huge weaknesses type-wise? Do team resistances make up for this?

-Does the team include a Hazer or PHazer? If not, then how will they deal with stat-boosters?

-Does the team rely on Stealth Rock/Spikes? If so, how will they stop them from being removed?

-Is the team offensive or defensive? Can it deal with the opposite kind of team? For example, an offensive team might require a wall breaker such as Mixed Tyranitar to take down defensive Pokemon that would otherwise wall them out.

-Can the team deal with status? Are there Sleep Talkers, Pokemon who benefit from status, or a Cleric?

No team is perfect but these are some questions to keep in mind when rating a team
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Rules/Format of the RMT
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