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 Championship RP Signup

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PostSubject: Championship RP Signup   Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:33 pm

"This year has been huge for competitive battling. Usually, we get to add one or two new standout trainers to the list of pros. Not this year. Half of the entrants in this year's tournament are upstart trainers with battling styles like none other. It is the most anticipated tournament of the decade. Congrats on making it in. You're permanently etched into history, no matter how you do.

The town which received the honors this year isn't actually a town. Realgam Tower is the chosen site, nearly a marathon away from Phenac City's limits. However, trainers like yourself and staff are set up in a camp in an undisclosed location in the desert adjacent to the tower. And it better stay undisclosed. Remember when that reporter found the motel in Lilycove back in '89?

Stay sharp. You're living with the opposition, some of which are sincere and some of which intend to gut you before you set up to the plate and battle them. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids. Don't leave. If you need something, we have a guy go to Phenac every day to pick up food and the like. Rest, and let your Pokemon rest. Your first battle is week from tomorrow." That being said, the official gets up and moves into the plane seat in front of you to give his speal to another trainer.

Name: name
Team: Name[Species if it has a nickname](Moveset)
Championship History: Is this your debut, or are you a returning trainer? You can be the champion unless someone already claimed that. If you are a returning trainer, be sure to mention how many championships you've been in and any missed ones since your debut.
History: (optional)
Personality: (optional)
Appearance: (can be anything from a pic to an extremely vague sentance, however required)
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Championship RP Signup
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