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 Tournament Rules

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Saikon Tategami

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PostSubject: Tournament Rules   Wed Jul 22, 2009 3:52 pm

Ok these rules apply to all members!

Tournament layouts go as follows;

Friend Code:
Game: (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Battle Revolution, Shoddy)
Partner: (For tag-team only)

Date for the tournament:
Date of last entries:
Format: (Singles, doubles, Tag-Team, etc.)
Tiers Enabled:

For Tag-Team tourneys you and your partner need to post the entry data, and Team Name.

EDITORIAL NOTE: All Event Pokemon given away from this forum are allowed in all Tournaments hosted here. However, you shouldn't go to another forum/tournament NOT hosted from our forums with our Events, this may get you disqualified or banned from said place.

Good luck, and have fun in the tournaments.
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Tournament Rules
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